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Boone County

What happens during Divorce in Boone County?

If you reside in Boone County, Kentucky and are filing or have filed for divorce, the process is similar to other counties in Kentucky.  There is only one family judge in Boone Count, current Judge Linda Bramlage.

My first piece of advice and words of wisdom: any litigant should immediately exercise their right to counsel and should seek out an experienced domestic relations/family law attorney who practices in the local courts.  If you live in Florence, Burlington, Union, Walton, Hebron, near the Greater Cincinnati Airport or anywhere else in Boone County your divorce will typically be heard by the Boone Circuit Family Court in Burlington, Kentucky.

The Boone Family Court is located at 6025 Rogers Lane, Burlington, Kentucky.  This is generally in Courtroom 3B but may be in Courtroom 3A.

You should attempt to obtain legal counsel as soon in this process as possible.  An attorney can explain your rights and your options. A litigant may choose to enter an agreement at any time or may proceed to mediation and litigation.  An attorney can determine the likelihood of obtaining a more favorable result by proceeding to court or by coming to an agreement and help negotiate the best deal possible.

If you, or a family member, are heading into a divorce in Burlington, Union, Florence or elsewhere in Boone County, Kentucky, call Florence Divorce Lawyer Mike Bouldin immediately for assistance at 859-581-6453.